Lilly Pulitzer DIY Coasters

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good morning!
Its a snow day here in NC
Even my building closed and that (as I've been told) NEVER happens.

I could just lay around all day watching the Bachelor and drinking coffee:              


But instead I opted to check some things off my list!
I put some mail in packages but I can't leave the house to mail it
so that wasn't really a check…

Then my super bright popover reminded me: 
I still have a TON of Lilly Pulitzer Agenda pages
Hence my project of the day: DIY Lilly Pulitzer Coasters
I found the instructions on the link above but I have my own shortened version below:

1) You will need:
  • Lilly Pulitzer Agenda pages or print your favorite prints from online, just be sure to let them dry all the way before you start. (kudos if you noticed my popover matches my agenda)
  • Mod Podge
  • Smaller brushes or sponge brushes like this
  • Tiles (I used these tumbled marbled ones but others have used the slick tiles)
  • Plastic or something to put down underneath the project to protect your surface!

2) The first step I took was to cut out the Lilly print. I made sure to cut the square a little bit smaller than the top of the tile. These tiles have rough edges and the paper won't stick to an edge that's missing.

3) Next I wiped off the tiles to make sure there was no dust then laid them out on my plastic sheet. 


4) Once I removed the cat from the situation I was able to begin. I put Mod Podge on the tile and laid the paper square on top of this. I made sure to rub out any bubbles or wrinkles. Then let it sit for 10-15 minutes until completely dry. 

5) Once the Mod Podge has dried completely it's time to put a layer on top of the tile. Make sure you brush in one direction only. I do thin layers to avoid build up. This is also a good time to check for bubbles/ ridges. Let it dry until its no longer sticky. 

6) Layer the Mod Podge as much as needed. A couple coats was good for me. I made my last coat a little thicker just in case. 


How do you use your agenda pages?

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