Letters to My Former Single Self

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if time machines existed
and I could have sent my single self a letter
explaining life and how not to act and what not to wear...
Oh you get the point
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Dear Former Single Self,

When I was a younger you, I used to think that dating and relationships meant that you only got to hang out with your boyfriend when you were babysitting because that's what movies (and my babysitters) taught me. I used to think that a relationship meant that ken built barbie a pink house with a big closet. I also used to think that you had special perfume you had to wear when you went on a date, thanks to my mom. To this day that scent still reminds me of the few times I remember my parents happy together. When we got a little older I thought that relationships didn't necessarily mean going on dates. Who wanted to have their mom drive them to the movies? You could totally have a boyfriend and never see him except for at school, right? Then we got a little bit older. In high school you thought relationships were a means of fun, carefreeness. You thought relationships were a means of having someone that could take us to get ice cream, or making our ex-boyfriends jealous. We really weren't thinking through things. As you know, we ended up dating some real losers. And making a few mistakes.

But that's why I'm writing now. To you my former single self, I just wanted to say we were all wrong. Relationships and dating aren't about being able to go somewhere. They aren't about making people jealous. And they aren't all about having fun. Dating is a means to get to know someone so that you can build a relationship so that one day you can find some one who makes you feel complete. Who makes you feel like your mistakes don't matter. Who makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole room. Who one day you will marry. So former single self, you're having a tough time and you're starting to doubt wether or not relationships and dating really matter in the long run but one day you will meet some one who changes your whole perspective on love and before you know it you'll be planning your wedding (something you never believed you'd ever want). 


Your future (not single anymore) self....

P.S. Please don't buy those glittery tiger pants from the rave. They aren't cool. Nothing from the Rave is. In fact if you're reading this in middle school- just throw out your entire wardrobe. Thanks

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  1. haha love the p.s.! My middle school self definitely needed to rethink several outfit selections.

  2. This was really sweet! Congrats on your engagement! Haha I seriously didn't know how to dress myself at that age either!


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