Oh How Pinteresting...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

FINALLY I am getting back on track for link-ups!
Today is one of my favorites of course
So head on over to The Vintage Apple for:

I usually like to have a theme when I do these
(Just a personal preference)
But my pins have been so scattered.
Probably because my wedding is over...
So it hit me: the theme is "post wedding pins"
or "pinning after wedding"
A look at what you pin when pinning wedding stuff is no longer acceptable.

I know its shameful but I pinned my own brooch bouquet.
I just loved it so and its not the traditional "white/clear only" or only flowers
So I thought I'd share.

Of course every new last name needs a new monogram!
I think I'd like the yellow one the best!

I have gone into scarf withdrawal
So I posted a new fun way to tie scarves, especially short ones!

Don't worry, I haven't completely given up on summer!
One pieces generally look awful on me:
I have a short torso and larger than average boobs
So they make me look stumpy and fat!
This one does not!
I borrowed it from my sweet step-sister and now I want it!

I actually do like Miley Cyrus
But this throwback to my childhood was too hilarious not to pin
And also fairly accurate.
Mad respect if you can name the show this doll is from!
(not Hannah Montana).

An ode to Olivia Wilde- the inspiration for my new haircut 
Whom (when I have bangs) I am told I look like.
Not exactly true but I am far from offended!
Judge for yourself:

And last but not least
Some back to school inspiration
Since grad-school starts back in a few weeks!
I'm a mix of sad to lose my summer
and happy to gain some much needed structure
and sad that it will be winter
and happy that it will be fall
(scarf and boot season hooray!)

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  1. that picture of miley!!!! LOL

    You do look like Olivia Wilde.
    Newest follower :)

  2. I wanna say it's from Rugrats. Wasn't that a doll that Angelica carried around?


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