A Very Lilly Birthday

Thursday, February 26, 2015

As I approached my 25th birthday I knew I wanted to do something different
I usually do a dinner out at one of my favorite restaurants 
But this year I wanted it to be a little more special

So I combined my favorite things:
Lilly Pulitzer, food, and drinks!

I already had a set of plates that are surprisingly durable 
So I didn't have a problem buying two more sets to complete the mix matched look!
They are just so cute!

I also found this piece of fabric to match my plates 
(print Hotty Pink First Impressions)
And napkins in the adorable seahorse print (floaters)

I already had a couple wine glasses and a pitcher from before my wedding
I found those adorable smaller cups for a steal on Ebay (to match my napkins)
And I mixed up my favorite drink: 

The Queen Bee
1 part pineapple juice
1 part St. Germains
1 part gin
1 part champagne 

I also made my girl scout cookie samoa cake, but this time cupcakes
And I made a two layer version with the frosting as filling and a buttercream frosting
In my best rendition of HPFI
I won't be decorating cakes for a living any time soon...

And as always I had to have some lilies
And they're still blooming a week later

I also got a reunion with half my bridesmaids too
And the MOH wore Lilly of course in the blue Let's Cha Cha Pattern
It's still available!
It was a great birthday present to me thanks to some gift cards from Christmas! 


I had a great party
And I'm super happy with how all my Lilly stuff turned out.

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