If I were a boy...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I love a good link up
And I've kind of been waiting for this one to come back around
If you feel the same way link up with
and tell us what you would do
If you were a boy!

If I were a boy...
  • I'd spend most of my days with my hands down my pants. Just because I could.
  • I'd smile every time I realized I didn't have to shave my armpits and legs.
  • I'd always open the door for the ladies.
  • I'd finally have a good reason for my want to use Axe products.
  • I would NEVER wear wife beaters
  • I would bask in the amazingness of a man's metabolism. Whole pizzas for a snack- still rocking abs. 
  • I would finally like to drink beer. And lots of it.
  • I would grow a beard. Then shave it all but leave a mustache. 
  • I would never do laundry again
  • I'd smoke cigars with the boys over a game of cards.
  • I might actually like golf... but probably not.
  • I'd drive an old Camaro 

  • I'd always take out the trash for my girlfriend. Without being asked.
  • I'd bring my girlfriend flowers, just because.
  • I would understand that loving cats can be manly too.
  • I'd never demand to be the little spoon.
  • I'd play baseball because the ladies love baseball pants.
  • I would not be grossed out by raw meat.
  • I'd want to be this guy because he's the best one I know:

If I were a boy I think I'd really miss being a girl
And shoes and dresses and jewelry and makeup 
And getting flowers
Yeah I'd rather be a girl

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  1. Yes to the Camaro..I love those things! I have to agree, I know I would miss being a girl...we rock! New follower here, love your blog x

  2. haha love this, I would definitely rather be a girl too. and I don't like beer either. maybe I would haha!

  3. It's so hard to be a girl and intimidate someone smoking a cigar while playing poker. Guys have it so easy


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