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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Ya'll,

This is my first post EVER. I like that a blog is kind of like an online diary that other people are allowed to read. For my very first post I'd like to talk about my family. Not in the "I need a therapist" kind of way but in a "let me introduce you to my life" kind of way...

First off the blog is (currently) named four kittens and a horse so let me introduce you to those:

Hammy and Princess are from the same litter. When our barn cats started getting older we (Robert's mom and I) decided that we should adopt from a local shelter so we would never be without barn cats. I  went to the shelter and saw the cutest white kitten. I picked her up and knew I had to have her. She was the brightest white EVER with a tiny stripe of grey from one ear to the other. When we placed her on the grass she literally walked as much on her toes as she could. She avoided grass at all costs and she was always primping herself. Hence the name Princess. 

All eleven kittens from this litter took up two whole cages but 10 of them were in one cage and in the corner all by himself with abnormally large ears and a weird freckle on his nose was a tiny grey kitten: Hammy. And thus we decided to adopt two kittens that day and to thank me Hammy peed on me as soon as we got home.

While we are on the topic of the barn where Hammy and Princess live this is Kobe (and Target). Kobe is the buckskin on the right. He was given to me by his owner who could no longer board him with his name and an English style "mane-cut". He retired from his english saddle to use the western saddle that used to be Roberts. I have a feeling he has no preference... if you know what I mean and frequently prefers the company of the other male horses. This is him giving a kiss to Wendy's horse Target. 

This is Mortimor, also referred to as "baby Mo", "Moto", "Moto-Joto","Jo", "Mortimus", "Mortimus Raticus Faticus Caticus", and as shown in the picture below he is also occasionally FrankenMo. He is from the same litter as Optimus Prime. I captured them on June 17th 2009 after luring them to my porch with chicken. Mortimor hated me and my entire family for about a month. He would hiss and spit at us... he was a little fat and grey with a weird rat like tail and honestly I wondered for a while if somehow a cat mated with a rat to get him. But now he loves us (and his stuffed giraffe) as long as we don't try to kiss him too much or make him be FrankenMo too often.

Optimus Prime:
Last but not least is Optimus. Just look at this kitten face. There is no way I couldn't snatch him from the clutches of his biological mother and keep him FOREVER and EVER!!!! Unlike Mo, he loved me from the very beginning. Our first night together I held him to my chest/neck and cuddled him all night and to this day he literally cuddles me. I'm talking paws and arms around my neck and face pressed to my chin purring away. It's like all the perks (the only perk) of having a dog without having to have a dog. Please don't hate me if you're a dog lover... dogs are great as long as they don't jump and smell and lick and bark and bite...


That brings me to my other family. You know the saying "Blood is thicker than water"? I don't really believe that because of Robert. No one has ever shown me such unconditional love and kindness for the sake of kindness. He proposed on May 19th 2012 andn less than a year we will be MARRIED (when did I get old enough to be married?) At the risk of saying anything else cliche about a relationship I'm going to just post a picture...

Of course I have other family too, a mom, dad, step dad, brother, and two stepsisters. But at this point their pictures don't all have to be posted. You've seen MY family - Robert 4 "kittens" and a horse. That's all for now!

Until next time,


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