Disney in February

Monday, February 29, 2016

I went to Disney the first weekend in February with my mom to celebrate my birthday.
We both haven't been since we lived in Orlando (circa 2002)
So it was really cool to experience my favorite place with her again!

I even made us matching monogrammed tees for the occasion!

I normally go with my dad and we tend to hit our favorites
But with mom I got to do a few things out of the norm and didn't get to do some of the go-to things I always do
(which is okay, I go back in two weeks!)
I'll give you a little run-down of how we did this trip and at the end I'll give the pros and cons to February!

Day 1: Saturday
It was a little cooler than normal so I wore jeans a long sleeve and a popover!
We started the day in EPCOT and rode a couple rides including Spaceship Earth, Nemo, and we saw the 4D short film festival which was new for me and I quite enjoyed.
Mom's biggest wish was to go to the San Angel Inn
Mom has lots of "biggest wishes" as you will come to find out,
But that's what Disney is all about, making wishes come true!
Not to mention this is one of my favorite go-to spots so she really had to twist my arm!
We actually met my dad and his girlfriend for lunch here.
They had planned their trip unknowingly on the same weekend
Which was fine (obv) because we are one of those weird blended, everyone gets along, lets have fathers day with all four dad's together kind of families!

We made sure to get a family photo in front of "The Ball" before mom and I headed over to Hollywood Studios and my dad and his gf went back to their hotel to get dry (it was raining)!
The Frozen Sing Along was the highlight of mom's night!
We also made it on tower of terror, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid!
It was raining pretty hard so we skipped the fireworks shows to head back to EPCOT for dinner in France!
I had never eaten there I was quite impressed!
Day 2: Sunday
Mom's biggest wish was to see Animal Kingdom!
It was very cold this day which made for some great animal watching on the safari!
I was able to pick up some gloves, don't worry!
They even made a debut on Expedition Everest!
I took mom to my super secret spot to take the best photo (sans other people) in front of the tree!
We were also able to make it on Bug's Life, Dinosaur, and Nemo before heading back over to EPCOT for lunch at the pizza place (best pizza everrrrr).
We met my dad and his gf again at the Tequila Tavern for drinks
And got in a quick nap on Ellen's Universe of Energy
(really its 45 minutes in the mostly dark... its the best mid-day break ride)
We stayed at EPCOT until the fireworks
Which allowed for some pretty views.
EPCOT is gorgeous at night!
We were able to get fast passes (after our others expired) for the Illuminations fireworks!
It was a great end to night two!
Day 3: Monday
Day three was just as cold as day two so I did a little bit of an outfit repeat
With my favorite popover from Pretty Little Monograms
And I decided to wear my birthday button from Park Bound Buttons
Because I'd get an opportunity to be in one of my favorite areas of the park: Rapunzel's area
(also known as bathrooms, but we will take what we can get)
Mom and I made it super early for our Be Our Guest reservations.
I've now eaten at all three meal times and breakfast is by far my favorite.
We rode the Little Mermaid ride, Winnie the Pooh, and It's a Small World before meeting my dad and his gf for one last family photo in front of the castle!
We even got fast passes for the Mine Train which we ran to after our meeting!
Magic Kingdom was pretty crowded (it always is)
But it was a lot worse than I expected for February.
At one point, mom and I got Starbucks and got on the train and rode it around just to catch a break from all the people.
We made it off in time to catch the parade:
I never get to see it so it was actually a welcome change to my normal agenda!
This put us right on time to eat our (super early) dinner at Cinderella's Castle
I love their birthday cupcakes...
Considering wearing my button again when I go back in March!
We got to ride Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Jungle Cruise after dinner
Then settled into our spots for the Electric Parade!
We moved to our Fast Pass location for the fireworks.
Fireworks are something I never do with my dad
And the fast pass area was just so nice to not be smashed in between people with their cameras in the sky.
By the end of the trip mom and I were pretty tired
But it was well worth it!
Now here are my pros and cons to going in February:
Normally a lower crowd (avoid race weekends)
Temperature is more mild (usually)
It's my birthday month (do you care about that?)
Discounted Room Rates!
It can be crowded if there is an event you didn't know about (cheerleading competition, race weekend)
It can be very cold (30s-50s while I was there)
A lot of people escaping Mardi Gras like to come in February (it's seriously a see of purple and gold sometimes)
President's Day is usually crowded
So basically the pros and cons of going at any time.
Overall, for me, the crowd was lighter than normal except for at Magic Kingdom on Monday.
We had no issue getting reservations or riding anything (that wasn't in Magic Kingdom) even without a fast pass.
Being too cold is better (in my opinion) than being too hot in Disney so I can only complain about the weather so much!
Discounted room rates made staying on property much more affordable, which makes the trips much smoother, the bus system is amazing!
When is your favorite time to go?
Xo, Kasi

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