Memorial Day Weekend 2017: Beaufort, NC

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

It's our third or maybe fourth year in a row going to Beaufort NC for Memorial Day Weekend.
Having a house there definitely helps the packed like sardines feeling
And taking a half day on Friday helped with the traffic.
We got to Beaufort in time to enjoy dinner at our favorite restaurant: The Spouter Inn
One of my favorite things to order there is the spinach and artichoke dip.
Yes, I know its the coast and they have crab dip, but the S&A dip is just so yummy!
For the second trip in a row I also got the stuffed flounder.
I eat fish as much as possible when I'm on the coast.
We left dinner in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset walk...
I even got Robert to stop and attempt to take photos with me.
Some dresses look great moving and not so great standing...
We stopped for drinks at the Dock House
While this is not my favorite place for food its a great location on the water
You can sit outside on either the first floor or second floor of their wrap around porch.
Order the painkiller!
They also have live music all the time!
As usual, we took the boat to Shackelford Banks



On day two we decided to stay beach side and went to the Radio Island Beach Access
If you didn't know, this access is between Morehead and Beaufort and is free to park still
Many of the accesses on Atlantic Beach down to Emerald Isle are charging now.
There are also bathrooms!
And your view is of Carrot Island!
It took us quite the hike to get to a less crowded spot
(Those condos in the distance are about where the entrance to the access is)
But it was totally worth it for some relaxation.
How was your Memorial Day Weekend?
Xo, Kasi

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