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Friday, August 31, 2012

So I'll admit even though my wedding is MONTHS away I've already started (sort of) dieting. I will also admit that I am TERRIBLE at dieting. I crave my sweets and I cannot turn down a cupcake. I found two delicious looking recipes so I thought I'd try them both.

The first is a healthy pumpkin muffin recipe from Dr. Oz which can be found here. Here's the recipe:

And (drumroll please) here is how mine turned out:

They look delicious right? Make you think of fall and happiness and drinking pumpkin spice lattes... I even added some brown sugar to the top to make them even more delicious. Well boys and girls, they SUCKED. The sugar tops weren't awful but they just went downhill from there. They almost tasted fishy and there is nothing FISHY in this recipe. So the verdict is next time I will just splurge on a real pumpkin muffin and try not to ever cook a healthy recipe again.

After the failure of the pumpkin muffins I decided to try another recipe that took one of my favorite foods (funfetti cupcakes) and made them "skinny" and thus Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes came into my life. For the recipe go HERE. Basically you take cake mix, add some sprite zero - and thats it for the cake batter. The icing is fat free cool whip and vanilla instant pudding. Here is how they turned out:

I'll admit, they look weird. If I was you I might not eat them either. They look nothing like the picture except for the sprinkles. But let me tell you... they were pretty good. Although nothing can replace a "real" cupcake this would definitely take the edge off when I'm having crazy cravings for something bad when I really can't afford to be bad because I still have a dress to fit into... They even met Robert's approval seeing as he ate THREE in one night. 

So moral of the story:

Don't ever trust the pictures on pinterest, and don't judge a muffin or cupcake by it's appearance. 

Bye Ya'll! 

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