Living with a man

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I never really had a strong opinion on living together before marriage. 
I thought it might be nice to be engaged first but it wasn't a solid requirement or anything.
So when Robert and I both found out we were going to graduate in December and that we both needed a short term lease we decided "why not?" 

And now my room mate is a man. 

We opted for a 2 bedroom/2 bath since we both are still in school and need quiet study areas.

Like in similar new room mate situations we laid down some requests (a.k.a ground rules) so that we could live together more harmoniously.

Rule 1: I hate taking out the trash and I'm not doing it unless I have to.
Rule 2: Split the groceries, but I'm not paying for your beer.
Rule 3: Clean up after yourself
Rule 4: Keep the "shared" spaces tidy. (Do whatever you want in your own room).

Mostly these rules are followed and that's fantastic.

In return for him taking the trash (and also recycles) out I do the laundry. We take turns cooking and cleaning dishes but I usually end up doing that when I'm procrastinating homework. 

In the process of all of this I have discovered a few things about men.

The countertop may also double as a trashcan/ recycling bin.

There are always dishes in the sink. Even if the dishwasher is empty/dirty.

There is ALWAYS, and I mean it, a sock (or 2 or 3) without a match.

It is impossible to keep the pillows where they should be on the couch.

And I do not have a picture for this one but men do not see dirt. I have WHITE countertops and there are always crumbs everywhere that "aren't Robert's crumbs" even if they look suspiciously like the bread he JUST used to make a sandwich. 

But all in all I think its easier to live with a man. Robert has his MAN CAVE. I am such a fan of the man cave. His lovely iron sculpted bull can live there with his wood scented candle and plaid comforter and I get my frilly ridiculous room and he can't complain that it's too girly.

We aren't on our periods at the same time (although I swear men have them- at least emotionally - and usually near the full moon. you've been warned).

We communicate better because we aren't worried about that awkward situation where you tell some one whats been bothering you and you never speak again.

And even though he's a bit messier than my female room mates - I still get to live with my best friend. We get to make pizza together in our underwear and have sleepovers in the living room. 

I'm a pretty lucky girl and I love living with MY man!

Okay Bye Ya'll

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