Being THAT bride.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Well the GRE is over. 
I did well enough that I refuse to take the GRE again.
So that's over...

Now what?

Well considering I'm taking part 1 (of potentially 3) of my engagement portraits today what better to obsess over the multitude of wedding details still to be decided upon.

One of these decision was wether or not to have a wedding party.
We decided we would definitely have one person to be our maid of honor and best man.

My wonderful roomie from the past two years, Jennifer, agreed to be my MOH
and Robert's childhood lover friend Roger agreed to be his best man.

Then something happened...

I found these dresses that I love on J Crew's website.
In this color that really worked with my already sort of decided color scheme:

Just look at those dresses. Image stolen from pinterest.

The problem: The dresses are $250.

But then I had that moment that every bride has and I thought out loud 
"You could wear that again"
But couldn't you? 
Or am I being THAT bride that has horrible dresses but assume everyone loves them.

I'm going to just assume since they are from J Crew they can only be but so horrible.

So anyway, I thought, "If they're popular enough they have to be somewhere for sale where other bridesmaids are selling them after one wear... That's right ladies and gents I found a ton of these dresses on EBAY!

It might seem a little tacky innovative to buy used bridesmaids dresses, but honestly I love these dresses and I know my friends love me and want to wear dresses I like but at $250 I felt like I was encroaching on bridezilla territory and that I want to avoid at all costs.

So tacky or not, my lovely ladies can get my dream dresses for them for at least $100 off. 

So after emailing two of these potential brides and getting the consensus that they would wear them again and don't hate the price tag I asked Robert what he thought of us having a legit wedding party (see as said before we had already decided not to...).

Then something strange happened...

The KING of never making decisions said 
"You need to make a decision" Followed shortly thereafter with "okay we're just going to do this".
Not only did he make a decision, he made one quickly.

Side note: I don't know how other grooms to be are during wedding planning but my man is really hard to drag an opinion out of. Its not that he's so picky its that he claims he "doesn't care what I do" and then the next thing I know "There should only be two types of wine, not three" or even worse I need him to decide and he just won't.

So now you understand that this quick decision was pretty amazing. 
And thus I decided it must be divine.
So naturally, I immediately ran to Michaels to buy crafts to ask my future maids.

Yes I finished them all in a day. 
Including my precious little future cousins turned flower girls.

And while I was there something else wonderful happened...

THAT is my centerpiece that I created with Roberts cousin/ wedding planner/ helping me on my wedding over the summer. 

THOSE beads in that vase are impossible to find. Several Michaels have been sold out or just didn't even cary them. Well this time Michaels had a billion of the ones I needed so of course I bought 6 bags.

THEN I found that I had a 20% off the entire purchase coupon.

So as you can see things just worked out in my favor all day.
It's so amazing when things just work out.
Thank you God for helping me out of the last week of hell 
(Biochemistry exam, Immunology exam, Biotechnology quiz, and the GRE)

Then Robert and I spent the remainder of the night trying on outfits for our engagement photos today. My wonderful future mother in law is taking them so they should be spectacular.

Note an example of one of our conversations
(that totally relates because it's about the wedding)

And no, its not a joke. 
There is a pork shortage supposedly going to hit NC next year.
AKA the year of my wedding.
It's okay, theres no shortage of meat at the Batten house
(that's what she said)

Alright back to being an adult.
And I think that's going to involve me making myself breakfast.
But first, date night picture from this weekend:

Okay bye Ya'll!

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