Finals, Stomach Bugs, and Graduation

Sunday, December 21, 2014

On November 17th I started working full time
Which was made even more interesting 
By the fact that my final task in school was December 9th
I worked overtime once I got back from Disney World
To get all of my part of the paper and project done
But those three weeks were rough.

I was thrilled when I got back to my house before 830PM on any given night
After going into work at 730 every morning…
But then the clouds opened up and the light shown down
and I made it to December 9th
Final presentation: cGMP manufacturing of a broadly neutralizing antibody for the treatment of HIV.

My reward? Robert's company's annual Christmas party.
Think all you can eat, open bar, amazingness.
And my bestie is there with her husband:

So fancy...
Until 1/4 of his entire company got a stomach bug from this wonderful event
And I was no exception.
But who cares, I was done with school.

I recovered just in time for my graduation dinner at the Angus Barn
I got filet, obviously, and stuffed potatoes.

And we took pictures with the upside down tree:

Me and my dad

My mother and I

My sweet husband and I

My dad posted this picture on Facebook 
and some one asked how my dress matched the background…
My dress (Lilly Pulitzer "bling my chimes" print) is rings and necklaces
The background is a christmas tree with ornaments.
Not the same.
Only my fellow Lilly lovers truly understand this struggle…

We woke up bright and early the next morning
and I put on my finest (mandatory) black robes
and headed to the PNC arena

 My department only has graduation ceremonies in the spring
So I got to graduate with everyone else
And I didn't get to walk
(blessing in disguise) 

I did however get have to wear orange
For the college of Engineering
If there wasn't a diploma at the end I might have boycotted that
But it wasn't so bad:

My parents got an early Christmas present from us:
the stomach bug we had!
I will know if they have forgiven me based on what's under the tree… oops.

So now I officially have my masters.
The past two years have flown by so fast that I almost forgot all the torture
Enough to begin my application for my MBA…

to be continued…

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