A Frozen Halloween

Friday, November 07, 2014

I, like so many other 7 year old girls, HAD to be Elsa for Halloween
For those of you that don't know (because I assume you live under a rock?)
This is Elsa:
Frozen's almost villain/snow queen/ sister 

But the problem was the costumes were fairly expensive and not very well made.
And by fairly expensive I mean $50.
I could order a $20 outfit if I wanted to get it mid November.
So the final option was to try to make my own.

I looked up countless tutorials from people who
"Are not avid sewers" or "can't sew very well"
which all involved making corsets and cutting out your own sequins (huh?)
and still turned out to be masterpieces.
Clearly not for beginners.

There was no other choice but to hope some one already dropped one off at goodwill
and/or I found a good starting piece
And I found this:

A size 2 prom dress!
News flash, I am not a size 2, especially not in prom sizes. 
So I went to JoAnn's and bought some blue fabric that actually matched,
Some sequin fabric, some stretchy blue sparkle fabric, and a long piece of sparkly tulle
I found a white top that had a sort of sheer component at Charlotte Russe
and also purchased a wig and a crown from a halloween shop

I wish I had taken more pictures during the process but all I can do is describe it
I started by cutting the back down the dress and adding a panel of the blue fabric. 
I literally would put it on, pin it to fit me, sew it. 
Over and over.
I made the top corset looking part 
by just cutting out a piece in the shape of the top that already existed
And then taking the sequin fabric and adding it to the sparkly stretchy fabric.  

I attached all of this to the white shirt underneath
and then again, put it on me and pinned and sewed. 
Then cut down the center one more time, and added a super long zipper.
From here, I had to do some more alterations to make sure things lined up as best as possible.
And here's what I got:

Here it is on:

We went to the Hillsborough Hike
Which used to be a hike down the main road near campus to multiple bars
Which is now waiting in line to get inside one of the 4 bars
For so long that you decide to go home and go to bed
But not before you get a cop to take a photo of you and your group
(how to tell you are no longer underage)
Of course people sang "Let it Go" to me all night
And one of the cops and I sang "Do you want to build a snowman to each other"
So dreams do come true…

And even though Robert wouldn't be Olaf (rude)
He did sort of match me and be Jack frost 
(I think because he could wear normal pants and a sweatshirt)

Confession: I may or may not also have bought the coronation dress for next year.
I also may have seen this post in one of my chat groups:
And immediately fallen in love
I die.
Now I need that dress.
Good thing I just landed a job (starting in a week from monday)

You like how I just slid that in there?

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