Memorial Weekend & Shackleford Banks

Friday, June 17, 2016

As I've mentioned, my mom and step father have a house in Beaufort, NC.
Normally I'd avoid the beach at all costs on Memorial Day.
Having been from the coast, I know the beaches are packed like sardines.
But since my mom got the house we've been making it an annual trip.
Mostly because we go out on the boat instead so it's not really PACKED out there.
This year with the impending storm we thought we'd just be playing rummy cube all weekend...
The sunset on our first night was breathtaking as usual
And we woke up the next morning to try something new
This place has a traditional breakfast and its delicious!
We quickly packed, thinking we'd only have a couple hours on the water, and left for Shackelford Banks
There were a couple people there when we arrived but overall it was pretty empty
My handsome husband pulled the boat closer to shore!
We even explored this end of the island
Neither of us had ever parked a boat that far down.

We found a cemetery from the 1800s
And we eventually made our way back...
Robert even agreed to take a picture with me 
We didn't end up leaving the water until close to 7PM and it didn't rain on us at all!
How did you spend Memorial Weekend?
xo, Kasi

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