Wedding Weekend: Nashville TN

Monday, August 08, 2016

My friend Leigh Ann (also seen as one of my bridesmaids)
got married last weekend in Nashville, TN.
My friend Caitlyn (another bridesmaid) and I decided to go together instead of bringing the men folk which ended up being the best decision.
Our days were so packed with wedding stuff we barely saw the town!
We both flew in late Thursday
(after I almost missed my plane- like the last person to board)
And stayed with the bride and groom!
The next morning (after a pit stop at target/ starbucks)
It was time for a rehearsal!
The rehearsal lunch was at Maggiano's.
It was full of laughter and tears and just an overall sense of happiness.
For night two we checked into the Holiday Inn - West End


Our view from the room was pretty cool.
We were also close to a McDonalds, Wendy's, and Starbucks
(things you care about when you might end up drinking to much).
In an effort to show us some local cuisine, the bride and groom took us here:

Called "SATCO" by the locals, The San Antonio Taco Company did not disappoint.
The best part about it (besides being amazing) was it was so cheap.
And honestly, things in Nashville are not.
A bucket of beer was $12 (later I would pay $10 for a small rum and coke)
And that queso was SO amazing!
We headed down to Broadway for the touristy half of our night and ended up at Honky Tonk Central!

Note to self: Rompers are adorable, but not the best going out to drink outfit...

The glowing bride! (although I think the groom might have been glowing the most).

Upon arrival back at our hotel, Caitlyn and I attempted to venture off to get food.
Security quickly stopped up from crossing the street to McDonald's because it was drive through only at midnight...
But he did offer to walk us to Wendy's.
That burger was heaven!
Thanks Carl Lee!
The next morning (wedding day) we walked the mile to the Hutton hotel to get ready!
We passed this stunning church and I couldn't resist a shot or two.
Those doors though...
We had brunch from "The Roe" and some other snacks...
How cute are those donut "rings"?

It was a lovely group of ladies to share a day with in honor of our friend!

Photo Cred coming soon!

The bride got us all matching t-shirts (monogrammed) to get ready in!
It was a cute twist on the trend these days to get everyone a robe.
I slept in mine last night, it was so comfortable!
Next it was on to the Belle Meade Plantation to get some pictures and wait!

It may have been a little hot...
Side note: I could not have been happier with my hair!
We were also pretty grateful for whoever brought the extra champagne over...

Team bride was so awesome!

Including our little flower girl...

North Carolina was also represented amazingly in some pork sliders with adorable NC flags!

Of course no wedding would be complete without an Uber to take you through the cookout drive through...
A fire alarm went off at 4:30AM and we basically never went back to bed.
Early flights out!
But my make up was still awesome.
I literally woke up like this:
One last pit stop in the lobby got me my favorite thing from Nashville:
If you don't know about these gems you should!
Goo-Goo clusters are life.
That is all.
One last snap from the road and it was time to go!
It was a short trip in Nashville but an amazing one!
My bet is that blonde up there is next!
Now on to the next adventure!
Xo, Kasi

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