Throwback Thursday: First Kiss

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is it really already thursday?
This, my last week of summer, has flown by.
What better way to mark my last free thursday
Than talking about my first kiss on:
So head over to The Life of Bon and link up! 

It was the summer of... 2003?
Maybe 2002.
The summer between 7th and 8th grade.
I was staying at my favorite camp, camp caroline, a church camp.
"A church camp, you slut?!?"

Well I didn't really plan it.
I met my new friend Leigh, known to most as Goose, at camp this summer.
I always loved hanging out with him and his group of friends.
Well it came out that there was going to be a dance.
I thought, "cool, we will all go as friends"
Supposedly two boys from my new group of friends wanted to ask me
But Leigh beat them to it. 
And I guess we decided to hang out at the pool afterwards.
And I guess he decided to start kissing me in the pool.
In front of everyone.
And all the staff loved him so they pretended they didn't see.
And we carried on the rest of the week kind of friends 
That would occasionally kiss
But with no real romantic bond.
So not really a bad first kiss.
Not one of those OMG we're getting married situations.
But we actually became friends and still keep in touch, even 10 years later.

The part I didn't know about this summer was that his mother had recently died
And he was still coping with this.
In another retreat to Camp Caroline in 2005/2006-ish (picture above)
He made this speech about a friend who never knew the impact she had on helping him through that summer.
THAT was me!
I had no idea how much my first kiss could impact some one else.
Well, not just the kiss, but a wonderful friendship that sprang from it!

And Robert enjoys joking me that my first kiss was with some one named "Goose".
Thanks for your support, babe.

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  1. So great that you were able to help him through a tough time without even knowing.


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