It's Fall Ya'll

Monday, October 01, 2012

So I know that Fall technically started in September
But you know it doesn't feel like fall until October.

Oh wonderful october. 
Full of pretty leaf colors.
Wonderful crisp air.
Pumpkin everything.
Halloween costumes
Some amazing weekend getaways
And some pretty awesome birthdays.

First things first: how can you celebrate fall/ October without one of these

Autumn is by far my favorite scent at Bath and Body Works. 
Last year I bought this one before I realized how fast they sold out.
And spent ALLLL last year hoarding it and only burning it when I REALLY needed a pick me up... and then only for a little while.

This year I bought another one so I've been burning this lovely candle like crazy.
Robert also got a "wood scented" one that is definitely a close 2nd.

Another wonderful thing about fall is 

Above left: cheryl and Co cookies. This is supposed to be a pumpkin. I don't know why it's red.
Above Right: self explanatory and amazing together.

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a pumpkin considering this is a pumpkin spice latte but it kind of looks like a pumpkin and a ghost had a love child. 

Pumpkin spice creamer is a must for every home.
And if that's not enough Pumpkin Spice Eggos are at target too!!

If pumpkin wasn't enough of a reason to love fall theres halloween.
I don't really dress up (you'll read about that in a sec)
But my babies do...

I bought this gem for my cats. YES cats.
They are big enough to fit in the dog costumes
And why shouldn't cats be tortured dressed too?

Pumpkin Mo!! FrankenMo is a much better shot to view his misery joy but I can't find it.

As I mentioned before there are some birthdays coming up to celebrate!

My friend/ co-mermaid Kristi has a birthday TOMORROW!

Robert's best friend has a birthday on the 4th.

My wonderful old roomie/ soul mate has a birthday on the 10th.

My dad's birthday is the 31st (why I usually don't dress up for Halloween. Not appropriate at family dinners... but maybe it should be? Noted)


If that wasn't spectacular enough, Robert's sister Katie is due October 4th
This baby will actually have a name before its born (unlike Journee)
And she will be named after her uncle who just passed, Jordan.


If all this wonderfulness wasn't perfect enough we have some events planned:

Fall Break starts TOMORROW (for me anyway)
We are taking part 2 and maybe 3 of our engagement pictures over break
Visiting Robert's grandma
I get to see a ton of my lovelies (including previously mentioned Kristi who lives in NYC now)
We are going to a wedding for my future nephew and niece (Our family is alll confusing)

Then the next weekend we are going camping at our favorite mountain spot, Hanging Rock
Followed by an adventure at the fair with the lovely Jennifer
Then our New Bern family Walking Dead night starts

The next weekend I'm going to the Georgia mountains with my family
(my aunt has already sent me links to a nearby vineyard tour)

Then it's Halloween weekend and our plans are actually up in the air.
I'll probably end up going to my house for my dad's birthday.

And then October will be over and I will be sad because I equate November to winter and my hate for winter is probably matched only by my love for fall.
Seriously if it wasn't for Christmas and my birthday I might hibernate all winter.
Enough of that sad topic...

I have a test tomorrow that I'm procrastinating studying for
My brain is literally fried from last week
But that doesn't matter I have to study anyway

But I will leave you with one more treat for October
one of my favorite pictures from our photo shoot yesterday

Bye Ya'll

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