Friday Confessional

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey all!
It's Friday (TGIF) which means its time for a link up!
So head on over to A Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessional!

1. With Saint Patty's day right around the corner I feel like its appropriate to confess that as much as I love celebrating holidays I never remember Saint Patty's. I usually forget to wear green. I don't like beer, so green beer holds no appeal. I'm not Irish. And I really don't like orange and green together. Unless you're a carrot. 

2. While talking about my heritage it may be important to confess that apparently my lineage comes from Longshanks. AKA King Edward I of England. AKA the man who brutally kills William Wallace in the movie Braveheart. I probably shouldn't tell people that, right? Sorry that my great great great great great great great great....... great grandfather was an ass.

3. I confess, I have almost finished all 6 seasons of Private Practice in roughly 2 months. Sickening. I also confess that Charlotte is my favorite character. Even over Addison. What can I say? Southern Belle with a bit of bite. Love her.

4. I confess that I have given up on trying to eat better on my own. One trip home and 5 pounds up later I decided I needed help. I rejoined weight watchers. Not that I'm obese or think I need to lose a thousand pounds but I do know I've been healthy and 10 pounds lighter and I'd like to be back there.

5. I confess wedding planning is getting fun again. I've actually been getting things checked off of my ever-growing list. Things are coming together. Theres also a chance I might get a honeymoon! 

Hope everyone else enjoys getting some things off their chest!
Happy Friday!

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