Living With A Man Pt.2

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I posted about this last semester in THIS post.
But we are in a new apartment
And we no longer have the luxury of two bathrooms
And we actually stay in the same room most every night now.

I almost titled this living with a boy
Because lately that is what its felt like
Let me tell you a story

We got this American Community Survey from the United States Census Bureau.
For once Robert got on the ball first
Because he signed on to the website first
The site gave him the pin number to sign in again.
The first question should be 

1a. Are you a man?
1b. Does a woman live in this house?
If you answered yes to 1a and 1b you no longer have access to the pin.

Well I finally got around to doing the questionnaire 
(after they sent us a reminder packet a few weeks later)
And Robert doesn't remember the pin.
He wrote it down, the day is saved...
We recycle all papers that can be so we would have recycled these before we threw them away.
Robert threw away the original packet with the pin number on it.
So I had to fill out the entire packet by hand.
He told me I could fill out his part too.

I have found that living with a man
(and actually sharing a room with a man)
means never sleeping on a normal schedule again.
This morning in particular he shoots out of bed before his alarm goes off.
Turns the lights on in the closet and bathroom (right by my face)
And just leaves them.
When he does come back he slams every drawer.
I don't have to be at work at 8:00
So I'd really rather not be startled awake at 6:22.

I have also found that living with a man means

Empty toilet paper rolls in the morning
(You will be lucky if this is not combined with the toilet seat being up too)

I have learned that disorder is the new order
And apparently the countertop looks a lot like the trashcan
I can see the confusion. 

I have learned that nothing is safe in the house
This is a poor dishtowel that bit the dust
When Robert decided that it should be laid down on the stove...

 This picture captures two of my lessons learned

1- the fridge is also easily confused with our side table.
The side table is rectangular. The fridge is rectangular.
Such a hard thing to tell apart.

2-book marks are not necessary
Instead. just lay your book face down all over the fridge side table.
This works really well until your fiancé cleans the apartment.
Then you have to figure out your place in another way.

Usually I would write something sweet about how I love it anyway
And I'm so lucky
But let's just say he's lucky I didn't maul him this morning for waking me up

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