I Lost My Engagement Ring

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am the worst blogger ever
Week to month hiatus 
Then I come back once a month to write about weddings.
But weddings are all I've been able to eat, breathe, and sleep for a while
There are 44 days left (or maybe 43 by now)
And all the posts I would love to write
Can't be written until after the wedding...

And then today I lost my engagement ring
So that pretty much sums up this week
My brain is just not up to par.
I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately

So why is this the case?

#1 Cats

But they also love to give me attention at 5AM
This really doesn't do much for my sleeping habits
They don't care about REM sleep

#2 Other people's weddings

Seriously they are so much fun but so much work.
That there is our best man and his wife (one of my bridesmaids)
And their 19238293821 beer bottles.

The aftermath of the groomsmen and all the beer was YMCA
And a drunk man's pyramid...

There's my handsome man.
Weddings are fun as you can see
But also not the best for the sleep

#3 Wedding Showers

Me and all my mom's sisters
Showers are awesome!
I got a bunch of new things...
That's not really effecting my brain power 
I just needed to plug in my weekend recap somehow.

#4 Horses

I finally got to ride my horse Kobe after probably a year of neglecting him
I expected him to throw a fit but he just behaved
(this time).

#5 Wedding gifts

I can't give too much away but I just love this
I painted the flower girls letters in my favorite Lilly prints
Or at least its supposed to be...
Preparing for this wedding in the next 44 days is rough
There is always something to think about and something to do

So when I got home last night at 12
After cutting out all of my programs
And lazily put my ring on my side table instead of on my ring hook
and thought "maybe I shouldn't do that... oh what's the worst that could happen"
I messed up.

I spent and hour and a half looking for that ring
I had decided my cats ate it
And pooped it somewhere in the backyard
and that one day some unsuspecting person would find it and leap for joy

It was in between my mattress and box springs
How the hell am I sleeping that I did that in my sleep?

Well I'm going to my mom's tonight so maybe I'll catch up on sleep
And my brain might decide to start functioning again

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