Rainy Day Activities

Monday, June 10, 2013

I feel like my posts are so boring
"wedding, wedding, wedding... blah, blah blah"
So I decided to instead offer the non-wedding things I've been doing
Which involve being inside due to all of this rain NC has been getting.

1. Crafting

Technically this was crafting for the wedding. 
But mostly I just wanted to tell ya'll about how I got carded for glue.
I'm not sure how old you have to be to buy glue
But the cashier at target said
"kid's will get high off of anything these days".
I'm kind of obsessed with this particular target employee
Slightly disgruntled with a hint of Napoleon Dynamite...
More on this if I can be creepy enough to snap a photo.

2. Post photos/ stalk photos on Instagram:

My friends pointed out that all I instagram is cats and food
So I tried to post some other stuff
... so I had nothing to post for a week
This was my return post.
Cats and food. 
Take that!

3. Cuddle cats
You can't really tell but his arm is around my neck.
That's how we cuddle...
And then rarely I get the joy of BOTH kittens on the bed.
In love with this!

4. Go through your old yearbooks

If you're bored of everything else this will entertain for hours.
Above is the senior ad my friend Jessica and I made with each other...
Below is a note she wrote in my 8th grade yearbook:

 Below is the aftermath of our strange relationship

5. Move furniture

If all else fails reorganize your room!
Or clean it.
This was my great grandfathers secretary.
Apparently it ended up in my great aunt's garage
My grandma saw it and asked for it
My aunt inherited it
And now it lives in my room!
I love it.

I think I'm 100 at heart.

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