Lilly Pulitzer on a Budget

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just 30 minutes away from where I sit at this very moment
Lilly Pulitzer's new store in Southpoint mall is opening up. 
My fiance has already decided that's a no-go.
He obviously wants to bring me misery
And not even into our marriage yet.

But on a good note my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda 
Is waiting for me on my bed in New Bern.
It shipped 3 weeks early.
There is a God.

But alas, something is troubling.
Currently I'm a full time student
Well, this summer I am a full time wedding planner/ get paid to do work for my dad when I can fit it in in between wedding planning and taking my cat to the vet for his UTI problems person...
So as of now I don't have much of an income.
This doesn't bode well for some one who is addicted to Lilly Pulitzer.
Do you know how many hours it takes to work of the dress I want?

Found here if you're not one of those people stuck in limbo and can afford it...

Sad sad sad.
But I have found a way around this problem
Ebay, Thrift Shops, and Belks.

Find #1:

Murfee Scarf in "Let's Cha Cha" found here
I am obsessed with this new print
And it's been one of my life goals to own a murfee
Probably because at 118 dollars I thought I never would.
But I found this gem on Ebay for $70.
Not that this is a steal for a scarf but it is for THIS scarf.

Find #2

These capris found here 
Originally $168, still on the Lilly pulitzer website
Found for $40.00 at Belk's yesterday.
In my size. 
The Belk's in Crabtree Valley Mall is the best for sales.

Find #3

I'd actually been looking for this since I saw it in Belks last year and it sold out
You can't get this one on the website anymore
But you can get other Elsa's (as they are called here)
Elsa's start at $148 and if I recall right this one was at least $158.
Found it at a Thrift Shop/ Consignment-ish shop for $16.
In my size.
Some really silly girl probably bought it brand new full price
then got tired of it and traded it in.
Haven't seen it for cheaper than $70 on Ebay. 

So although none of that is no money 
I feel a little accomplished that I've saved so much.
Considering my addiction/ favorite brand is ridiculously overpriced.

And now I think it may be time to put on those Lilly pants
Get some chic-fil-a chicken minis 
get my rings re-dipped 
and celebrate our 2-week to be!!!

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