Labor Day Weekend

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

It's been a while since I've blogged
Getting back into the swing of school
And my Monday's and Tuesday's are veryyyy bussyyy
So I haven't had anything to blog about but boring 
"Went to lab today" "went to class today" "went to lab today".

FINALLY I can write something other than that!
So about my labor day weekend...


The Hubs got a day off work for some fitness thing he entered 
So we left Raleighwood Thursday night and headed East.
We woke up early and headed to my favorite spot- Atlantic Beach.

We spent the day reading and sunbathing and swimming in the ocean.
And there were only two other groups there.
And it was quiet and nice.
Besides the yellow flies.
It's okay we just lit cigarettes (that we don't smoke) and put them around us.
Flies- 0 The Barkers - 1.
That night we had dinner with Robert's mom and step dad
And then went back to my house to snuggle with these:


I spent the morning with my dad.
We changed my name at one of my banks (really need to get on that)
Then went downtown for some beautiful outdoor time.

We ate at Persimmons- a beautiful restaurant on the Neuse River
Then took a stroll around our lovely town

It really is a gorgeous place to live.

Next we headed a little bit west to go to
The annual "Mexican Pig Picking".
My step-dad is a farmer and he hires Mexicans to help with his fields
Some of them have been coming for 20 years. That's loyalty. 
So anyways, every year he throws them a Pig Pickin' at the end of the season.
I have never been to one before but let me tell you...
1- It's a really fun time
2- I think they come more to watch the crazy white people than anything.
There were jello shots and tequila shots
and the hottest guacamole I've ever tasted.
And this:

Mom, being typical mom.
Dancing all over everyone.
We ended the night with a late night pool party at mom's house.


We ate breakfast with my mom
Which if you think just consumes the hours of breakfast you are wrong.
Got out of there around 11.
We visited with our Best Man's parents for a bit that afternoon
And met Robert's dad and step-mom for dinner.


We packed up.
Said goodbye to as many parents as we could see
And headed back to Raleigh!

In one last celebration event for the weekend
We had dinner with some of our friends.
Some of the best baked ziti I have ever had
Along with some Margaritas.
Didn't take me long to fall asleep last night!

All in all a successful Labor Day Weekend!
Can't wait until its the weekend again!

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