That Time of Year

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's that time of year again... engagement season.
I am super excited because some of my friends are getting engaged soon
(She does not know it but I do)
And I couldn't be more excited.

Then we jump into wedding season.
Two of my friends are getting married between Dec -April.
Weddings make me so happy
Although I will enjoy weddings much more when I get my date back
(So far we've been to 1 wedding TOGETHER since 2011)
Although by the time he is not in any more weddings
I will probably start being in more.

I love weddings and engagements enough that I've still been pinning to my wedding board
(over 4 months later... embarrassing)
Here are some of my post wedding pins:

I found these engagement shots from DISNEY! 
I would have died.
So even though I can't obviously do this now
I couldn't help but pin it.

I am obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's dress.
I would not have done sleeves in July
But if I were to renew my vows I may have to do it in October
So I can wear this dress.

I love this shot.
I still think I can make Robert do this for our "anniversary shots"
(that he doesn't know yet that we are doing that).

This is one of the only shots that I wanted from my wedding that I didn't get
Because Robert was belligerent 
And when I tried to get him to dip me he tried to dip in my arms.
Damn it, Bobby!

Finally, I have a secret wish.
I love my engagement ring and I'm more than happy with it
But I kind of have a secret wish that one day he will re-propose
And we can renew our vows.
I just think its so romantic.
And considering I knew pretty much every step of the engagement
(my fault mostly- I was there when he bought the ring and I knew he had it for a month)
It would be nice to be surprised.
I would like the ring above but I want the center stone to be set in gold
with a yellow diamond.

Okay okay wishful thinking.
I'll be sure to post about that when it happens never.
Let's be honest, I married some one who thinks that getting out of bed
To fart in another room instead of on me is romantic...
What can you do?

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