Year In Review

Monday, December 09, 2013

So Facebook posts this "Year in Review" thing
Which I thought I would find silly
But its actually pretty cool.
I didn't realize how many important things happened in 2013.

My year in review according to Facebook:

1. I outshot the boys while they were trying to teach me to shoot.
That bullseye shot is mine. HA! 

2. I celebrated "6 months until we are married" countdown on Facebook to Roberts dismay.

3. Robert and I celebrated 6 years of dating.

4. My brother got into NCSU! 
Holding my diploma and wearing my gown must have been good luck.

5. My mom told me my dress looked hideous then called me the wrong name. 

6. My dad got his year scans back from Duke and they were clean. He got to go off of chemo.

7. My cat mortimor showed the facebook world his trick. Which involves me asking him "Where do you want to go" and him touching the door knob of the door he wants to go through. love.

8. Robert and I celebrated a year of being engaged on May 19.

9. Our friends Chelsea and Justin got married. 

10. We took engagement photos downtown.

11. The baby kittens celebrated 4 years of being adopted.

12. I noted that I was excited that there was only 2 weeks until I was Mrs. Barker.

13. On July 13th I married my best friend! 

14. On July 14th I thanked everyone for making our wedding awesome. 

15. Apparently my friend Kristi and her boyfriend dancing is a significant moment in my life, according to facebook.

16. And so are my (now engaged) cousin Jaime and her bf Rob. 

17. Our one month of marriage post.

18. The bridesmaids dresses I should have picked. Missed opportunities, I tell ya. 

19. The cat leggings I bought from target.

20. Finally my announcement that I am and aunt again (for the third time) thanks to the birth of Januaree Quinn. 

I would go as far as to say that starting graduate school maybe should be on the list.
And maybe pictures of other couples from my wedding may not quite count as my year in review
But other than that this was pretty cool.

What does Facebook tell you about your year in review?

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