Another Chapter… Goodbye 305

Monday, January 27, 2014

As I mentioned in THIS post, we bought a house!
Which means we had a little over three weeks to make all renovations
and move bribe our friends to help us move into the new home.

I have to admit that we were so focussed on fixing up the house
I barely packed anything in advanced. 
In fact, I had just finished painting the cabinets (not doors) in the kitchen
Hopefully I will be able to show an after soon
So our new home kind of looks like a mess.
Actually it looks a lot exactly like this

The living room:

Do you like our comfy couch? 
Oh wait we don't have one.
I never thought I'd say "thank God our couch hasn't come in yet" 
But I think its understandable given this situation.

The kitchen:

I didn't even show the countertops that are COVERED in stuff that doesn't fit.
Apparently our house is more square feet but the kitchen is not.
You can sort of see the new color of the cabinets
And the doors in the back still not painted.
This was after I organized all day.
Believe me when I tell you you don't want to see the before.
I cried a little when I realized how bad it really was.

And speaking of crying a little
We officially said goodbye to our old apartment today.
Robert picked me up from campus and we had a picnic
(I packed chicken salad, crackers, gummies, and Dr. Peppers - the food of adults of course)
And we sat on the floor of our empty apartment and ate one last meal
While I balled my eyes out.

"I'm a little worried that you're this upset, can can sell the house and move back if you want" 
Says my husband.
It's not that I'm sad to be moving into the new house 
But to be honest, it doesn't feel like my home yet
It feels like a war zone.
But I am still excited for the future.
I mean I have my own closet and a new king sized bed.
And I pay less to live there.
Whats not to be happy about?

It's just when I think about all the memories and all the milestones we've had in that apartment:
1-Robbie's first big boy job, and first time paying for his (our) own place
2- I started graduate school
3-We got married and came back to that place as our home
4-Our first married Christmas (time)/ tree
5-Our first big boy/girl furniture purchases

I planned my wedding in between those walls.
I finished half of graduate school there.
I had my bachelorette party/ sleepover there.
I made our first married dinner there.
It just makes the whole situation really bittersweet.

So bittersweet I took a photo of the bare rooms 

The room looks massive now that my stuff isn't in it.

This shot I took right before I turned the keys in.
You can still see the indentions from our couch and table
All I could think of was pulling our mattress into the living room and having sleepovers
And all the nights we sat there and talked over dinner
And I was just overwhelmed with sadness.
I was definitely not this sad about our first apartment
But it never really felt like ours like this did.
So I'm basically mourning for it as if it were our first apartment.

Either way.
I turned in the keys and closed the door on the apartment living chapter of my life.

So now I get to look forward to making our new house a home
And making more memories that will make me love this home just as much as 305.
Hopefully sooner than later because this home looks like a tornado struck.

Did I mention I hope it snows so I can clean my house?

Until next time,

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