Master Bath Redo

Monday, April 07, 2014

Okay so yesterday didn't go that well
I had a group meeting and when I left
My transmission basically died
Two hours and a tow truck later I came home
and my computer wouldn't let me log in
So I needed to work on something so that I could add a positive to the day

My in-laws came and brought a few things we needed to work on the house
And thus I was able to finish the master bath 
(minus two trim pieces which may never get done)


The closet is to the right of the sink and the toilet/shower is to the left. 


We removed the carpet from the bathroom area
And then I picked out tiles that look like wood to put down
I didn't actually put them down, 
I'd like to thank my husband and his friend Roger for all their hard work

I even put tile in the closet! 

A coat of paint on the walls, cabinets, and a few upgrades later…


I redid some of the hanging space in the closet
And even made room for my necklace hanger (DIY project from last year)

The shower area got some new accessories, flooring, and paint.

A close up of the flooring!

And finally a view of a little of all of it! 
The cabinets got repainted, a slight grey white
We replaced the hand towel holder, the light fixture, and the faucet
And I put a mirror in the frame used at my wedding
To use instead of the outdated mirror that was there. 

Here's a picture of the mirror before!

 That's it for now! 
What do you think?

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