The Barn Door

Monday, April 28, 2014

We checked another project off of our list this weekend
The barn door is complete!

I don't know if I mentioned before but I hate when the sink is open to the master bedroom
And of course our house had that.
But we had a family friend who had a barn door mechanism
and I married a handyman...
who made the door out of some cedar siding and pine boards

Then we sanded...

By "we" I really mean Robert sanded.

Next it was time for a stain.
I found a great idea for a whitewash stain here
but when we went to Lowe's they didn't have "pickling" stain
So we opted for this instead:

And it only required 1 coat!

Fortunately for me, I missed the actual hanging process
And when I got home from lunch and errands, there was a bathroom barn door
please ignore my messy bathroom

At first we were worried that the color of the door (right) was too close to the wall (left)
But I think it actually makes it cool and rustic without being the only thing you see in the room

The mechanism from an old barn:


Of course we need to add a door handle on each side
I'm thinking a heavy black iron handle
I just have to find it.

Updates on that later…

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