Monday, May 19, 2014

Its crazy that today marks the two year anniversary of my husband's proposal
Which set into motion one of the most challenging
and also rewarding journey of our lives together: Marriage

There are times where I would rather punch him in the face than kiss him
And there are times that I can't imagine a single minute of my life without him
We have been through so many changes in the last two years: good and bad
And so many things have happened to us its hard to believe its only two years
And yet, its hard to believe its been that long at the same time.
So happy anniversary to this overgrown man-child, and my best friend.

Today wasn't just exciting because of our anniversary:
It also marked my first day at my internship with Grifols.
I will be essentially determining methods to optimize viral clearance steps in blood plasma therapeutics, trying to come up with new methods of clearance and detection of virus, and probably lab work no one wants to do because- let's face it- I'm an intern.
I'm actually pretty excited (except the whole waking up early thing)

I am also super excited to announce the newest addition to our family…
(not a baby- now or anytime soon, God willing)

My car was making so many weird noises,
shutting down on me while driving,
the brakes were going out
the transmission was locking up
And every time I took it to the shop they found nothing
So finally my dad agreed to help me get a new car
Now before you get all "really?" on me…
I am paying for this car 100% myself.
My dad is literally not paying for a dime and charging me interest.
 But I couldn't be more happy.
It definitely makes me feel like I am getting rewarded for my 6+ years of school

Happy Monday Everyone! 

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  1. Wow! Congrats on the car :)
    You and your husband are too cute!
    i love your blog! I just followed on GFC:) Would love if you checked out my blog!


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