31 days of Lilly Pulitzer

Thursday, June 05, 2014

So June 21st is the first day of summer
But also it's National wear your Lilly day!
So this year they challenged their fans to do 31 days of Lilly…
it got me thinking "do I even have 31 days worth of Lilly to wear?"

When I pulled it all out 
(once I finally had a night my husband wasn't home and wouldn't see…)
I was pretty shocked:
So then I was not so sure of myself
Could I really tell my husband "I hardly own any Lilly" anymore?
So I made outfits for all the pieces, trying to only replicate a item once
So here it goes and please excuse the mirror iPhone pics
Not only would my husband NOT take the photos, but he'd be appalled to see it all.

Day 1:
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Ugotta Regatta Delia Shift
Paired with a sweater from target and my new Michael Kors shoes from TJ Maxx

Day 2:

Lilly Pulitzer Navy Raleigh top
Lilly Pulitzer Bright Navy Sparks Fly Callahans (the fireworks on them glow)
Paired with wedges from Target

Day 3:
Lilly Pulitzer Buttercups in Jellies be Jammin
Paired with a pink top from Target (duh)
and Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 4:
Lilly Pulitzer Angelie dress in "Bling my Chimes"
One of my personal "holy grail" prints
Paired with Cork/Gold Jack Rogers 
and a navy cardigan from Target

Day 5:
Lilly Pulitzer top (can't remember print name)
Hunter green pants from marshals
Gold flats from (you guessed it) Target

Day 6:

Lilly Pulitzer "Tusk in Sun" Eliza
with Steve Madden boots and a scarf from Target!

Day 7:
Lilly Pulitzer Boston top in Multi Crown Jewels 
Paired with jeans from Target
Jessica Simpson booties
and a Banana Republic blazer

Day 8:
Lilly Pulitzer Hayley Dress in "Nice Tail"
With Michael Kors shoes

Day 9:
Lilly Pulitzer sweater (forgot name) and Buttercup shorts in white seersucker 
Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 10:

Lilly Pulitzer Janice in "High Beams"
Paired with Nine West wedges (that I got for 14 bucks on sale)
Obviously an outfit I actually wore for my engagement shots!

Day 11:
Lilly Pulitzer "Let's Cha Cha" Murfee Scarf
Paired with a black maxi from target
and platinum Jack Rogers

Day 12:
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa (not sure of exact name)
Jeans from Target
Gold/Cork Jack Rogers

This may be my best deal yet… Elsa's sell for around $170 
I found this one for $17 at a consignment shop.

Day 13:
Lilly Pulitzer Brie dress in White Lace
Blue/gold Jack Roger wedges
(this was for my bridal shower at my mom's church)

Day 14:
Lilly Pulitzer tank top, sweater, and Callahan shorts (in white buttercup)!
Platinum Jack Rogers
The shorts were one of my first purchases- for $20 AT a Lilly store these were a steal 

Day 15: 
Lilly Pulitzer Laney dress in "Pocket Full of Posies"
Target cardigan
Black Target flats 

Day 16:
Lilly Pulitzer Popover in "Let's Cha Cha" 
Citizens Jeans
Converse in mint

Day 17:
Lilly Pulitzer Raleigh top in navy
Lilly Pulitzer capris in "Lucky Charms"
Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 18:
Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts in Bright Navy Sparks Fly
Boutique blue top with bow on back
Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 19:
Lilly Pulitzer yellow t-shirt and Cardigan with bow beading
Citizen jeans
Gold Target flats

Day 20:
Lilly Pulitzer dress (forgot name and pattern)
With Michael Kors sandals.
This was one of those dresses I got from Belks- saved $138 bucks and spent ~$30

Day 21:
Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Dress in "Ugotta Regatta"
With bow belt and blue/gold Jack Roger wedges

Day 22:
Lilly Pulitzer cardigan
Ann Taylor LOFT tank
Target jeans and gold flats
Necklace from Belks

Day 23:
Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup shorts in "Jellies be Jammin"
Silk top from Banana Republic
Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 24:
Lilly Pulitzer Raleigh top in navy
White Paige jeans
Gold/cork Jack Rogers

Day 25:
Lilly Pulitzer Callahans in "Hotty Pink Fallin' in Love"
(another one of my $20 purchases from a Lilly store)
Button down navy shirt from LOFT
Platinum Jack Rogers

Day 26:

Lilly Pulitzer Angelie dress in "Bling my Chimes"
Lilly Pulitzer yellow trench coat
Steve Madden sparkle heels!

Day 27:
Lilly Pulitzer Cassie in "Ugotta Regatta"
Lilly Pulitzer Let's Cha Cha monogrammed bandeau (only the fabric is Lilly)
Still in search of the bottoms to match. 

Day 28:
Lilly Pulitzer Brie dress in White Lace
Target scarf in navy/blue
Nine West Gold Wedges

Day 29:
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa in Yellow
Lilly Pulitzer Buttercups in white seersucker
Gold/cork Jack Rogers

Day 30:
Lilly Pulitzer Boston Top in "Multi Crown Jewels"
Teal skinny jeans
Jessica Simpson Pink wedges

**So happy I remembered taking this picture so all of my posts are actually items I have in my closet at this moment. 

Day 31:

Is this cheating? I'm so worn out. 
I bought Lilly Pulitzer Callahans in Seafoam Green Montauk
I plan to pair them with this purple Ann Taylor LOFT top.
Update to come?
Probably with my platinum Jack Rogers

So there you have it!
I could have mix-matched a lot more
AND pulled in a lot more outside garments to make it all stretch out more
But after all of this it kind of makes me feel like I need more Lilly
Or maybe that's just the addiction talking…

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