Adding Color: DIY Pinterest Edition

Sunday, June 08, 2014

So since moving in we have done a lot
Painting walls, hanging pictures, decorating
But I haven't posted pictures of the living room because it was missing something
And that something was color.

Here is the WAY before: aka how we bought it:

Here is the during the move phase

And this is how we lived in our living room until we got our couch:

*Note the antique black and white photo.

There was plenty of color on the floor
Thanks to my lovely target rug (shown above)
And I even has some pillows to bring in a pop
But the couch is beige, the walls are beige,
And the photo hanging over the couch was antique black and white (also above).

So I decided I needed a photo to spice up the wall.
Nothing crazy (because Robert would not like that)
So we found this on pinterest:

We really like that it brought in some colors from the rug (orange)
Tied in some current colors (navy, yellow, gold, and turquoise)
And even brought in a new color (pink) 
So we went to Michaels on Saturday
Bought a canvas and paint
And viola:

Not exactly the same obviously but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out
And here is the after of our living room (the couch side anyway):

If you look really close you can also see that the curtains match the large pillows.
We bought those curtains to use at our wedding and never did.
They were like 12 feet long so my mom turned the extra into matching pillows!
Another DIY inside the original DIY post. 
And speaking of DIY...
MAYBE we will finish the mantle one day so I can show everyone!
Until then,

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