1 Year of Marriage

Friday, July 18, 2014

I am so bad at posting updates.
Technically I should post July 4th part 2, then the anniversary 
But it will just have to wait.

For our anniversary Robert and I booked a cruise with Carnival to the Bahamas
It was just a modest 4 night cruise but we were excited.

First things first: mani/pedi and a good ring cleaning:

Once that was done and the packing was (finally) decided on we were ready!

We left bright and early on Thursday morning 
(note: 5AM is actually not bright at all)
And made our way to Jacksonville, FL.

It wouldn't be a typical trip if Robert didn't pass out for most of it...

But luckily he woke up in time to eat Krystal burger (my NC to FL road trip must do)

We made it to Jacksonville FL around 12.
The guard at the gate was named Hector, 
and he actually worked with Robert's dad at World Wood.
It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is.

Anyway, after about an hour we got on the boat!
First things first of course... a Pina Colada:

Wearing: my new favorite Lilly Pulitzer Piece (the Newbury tunic in LillyPalooza)

It took us a while to get used to the rockiness of the boat so we didn't do any more photos the first night.

Day 2: Freeport/ Roberts 24th birthday

We woke up early ready for adventure
And by adventure I mean I wore a crop top:

We also went snorkeling but those pictures are on a waterproof camera
And it will be a while never before they get developed. 
We also finally got to go to a Senor Frogs
It was very entertaining to say the least.

That night was the captains dinner so we put on our best outfits and dined on Lobster and Shrimp
Some nice lady took a picture of us:

Then we played in the casino
I won $60 on $0.75 cents of course

Day 2: Nassau Bahamas

We explored around a bit in Nassau which I loved (this was definitely my favorite day)
We got a picture with the Frog at yet another Senior Frogs

Here are some highlights of the exploration

And I even found this gem:

This starbucks was the most necessary purchase I bought all vacation.
**Note: Carnival coffee should not be allowed to call itself coffee.

Thanks to the help of the nicest person ever
(a local tour guide)
We were able to find a FREE beach

And a special shout out to my lifeproof case for letting me take this shot
My waterproof digital camera died while snorkeling (may she RIP).

My husband, the photographer nabbed this shot:

and I enjoyed a Punch before we headed to lunch.
As advised by our wonderful Samaritan
We explored the island until we found the "Fish Fry"

And we chose this restaurant:

They were on Trip Adviser and had free WiFi and air conditioning.
I even tried Conch Fritters
I thought they were tasty.

No more pictures of dinner outfits, 
But we did manage to spend a good portion of my $60 winnings in the casino.
The most I won back was $15.

Day 3: At Sea/ Our First Anniversary

I wish I had more photos of this day,
Especially the dress I wore for dinner which is one of my favorites
But all I have is this:

We spent most of the day under an umbrella in the 21 and up section of the ship.

Day 4: Jacksonville FL, Hilton Head SC, Raleigh NC

I woke up bright and early to this view out of our window:

We ate our last breakfast in the Jacksonville FL port 
and then waited (forever) to get off the ship

Let me just tell you a quick tip:
You can get off the boat with whoever is called first 
(if you are the people who chose to carry your own bags)
And we wanted OFF.

There were definitely pros and cons to a cruise
I loved that you could go to so many destinations in one trip
The staff was very nice and welcoming and accommodating 
And I loved dinner food
and I loved the Bahamas

But beyond that I would not recommend Carnival Fascination to anyone.
The people there were straight out of the "People of Walmart"
They were rude
The food for breakfast and lunch was the same every day and it was okay
I found pubes on the ceiling of the shower
And I felt like they nickel and dime you the ENTIRE time.
Why is gratuity not included in the price of my ticket?
Why did I have to pay a $60 fee to get on the boat?
Oh there's an adult section? About 20 chairs and a hot tub.
Smallest pool in the world FULL of children screaming day and night.
And drinks at the bar took no less that 10 minutes to actually get.

So needless to say I won't be traveling with Carnival again
And I was a little sad that our vacation was only halfway relaxing.
The solution: go somewhere we always wanted to go but never have on the way back
The Salty Dog in Hilton Head, SC was just the place:

It was beautiful, relaxing, and the food was amazing.
I am already planning my next vacation here.

After this pit stop we drove to Raleigh NC where we hugged our cat
Got into our own beds
And bid adieu to our first anniversary trip.

XoXo, Kasi  

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