July 4th part 2

Sunday, July 20, 2014

As promised I will finish my July 4th posts!

The bit of news we weren't sure we were allowed to tell was that our friends had a baby!
Meet Mason James Tallant!

Robert was so excited for them to have a July 4th baby
And by excited I mean super jealous
Which is a lot considering that is not on the table for us right now.

The rest of our night we spend in downtown Raleigh!
In my almost 7 years of living in Raleigh I had never been
And the trip downtown allowed me to appreciate this city I live in even more

I even stopped by the Big Easy for drinks and appetizers.
And met up with some friends
And despite a stampede caused by some one yelling "gun"
It really seems like everyone was having a good time

Some of us were having a better time than others obviously...

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