Atlantic Beach, NC

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I keep saying this: "I haven't blogged in a while"
And I keep telling myself that I'll get back into the swing of it
Then I don't.
Could be a number of things: I'm busy, I don't spend as much time at home on the computer, etc.
But I also think a lot of it is direction.
I started this blog to chronicle my journey from a college student to a wife to a homeowner
And now I'm kind of like... where to now?
I've lost that direction.
I've cleaned up the posts a little to get rid of some of the rambling ones
And I'm going to try to move forward focusing on:
-DIY/ Home Projects
-Travel &

That being said today's post is about my recent trip to Atlantic Beach, NC.
We rented a beach house with Robert's cousins from Reno for the week.
I grew up going to this beach but I had never stayed in a beach house here
So I had a little bit of old and a little bit of new.
Day 1: Saturday

Saturday was check in day and also Robert's birthday
We made a pit stop in New Bern and then headed east.
We checked in and then scoped out some local restaurants for dinner.
We settled on Amos Mosquitos
I know I had been there before but I don't remember it.
You know a place is probably good when they open at 5
and a line starts forming at 4:30.
We ordered Painkillers from the bar while we waited for a table
Its like a mix between a pina colada and something vaguely cinnamon like.
We split the lobster dip and calamari for appetizers &
 I got the scalloped scallops for dinner
It was amazing.
I actually went back to dinner their thursday with my dad
And we all went back Friday for our last night
I highly recommend everything there.

Day 2: Sunday

It wasn't until the sun came up the next morning that I realized where our house was
It was situated right next to my favorite little group of homes
I always referred to them as "Candy Cane Lane"

My husband and I took a bike ride through the neighborhood
He loved that I made him take pictures of me on my new yellow cruiser

After our bike ride, the west coast family woke up and we spent some time at the beach before the bottom fell out
I, of course, had to bring my donut float
There is a very similar one at Urban Outfitters
But I got mine from 5 Below for $5.

Clearly a beloved water activity companion

I had to make some jokes about a shark bite, right?

Day 3: Our Anniversary

It's a little unconventional to go on a family vacation over your anniversary
BUT, we thought this would be our only trip so we combined anniversary + beach house with family so that we could get the most out of both.
Just like 2 years before, it poured almost all day.
We drove to downtown Beaufort to do a little shopping.
look how touristy I look in my Atlantic Beach long sleeved T-shirt

Roberts mom met us at the Dock House for drinks and appetizers

We did get a moment to ourselves for dinner
And grabbed pizza at the Queen Anne's Revenge
It's one of my favorite Beaufort restaurants
Try the BBQ Nachos  
We returned in time for a stroll along the beach before sunset...

Day 4 & 5: Kathryn comes to visit/ Dinner in Morehead
Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly beach/ lounging days
The rain finally subsided and we spent most of our time at the water's edge
My mom did come visit and had dinner Tuesday with us
and spent most of the day Wednesday with us

Wednesday night we met Robert's parents at the Sanitary Fish Market
Its got some amazing views, pies, and salt water taffy.
If you're not into fried food its probably not the place for you
But my in-laws love it so they agreed to meet us for dinner
"if we go to the sanitary" so that's where we went

Obviously some of us can't take a picture without the bird.
The best picture of us all week.
Maybe I should pretend this was our anniversary since I got no pictures from that night.
I also managed to snag a sunset when we got back
Day 6: Starting to Realize It's Almost Over
Robert's cousin and his wife came down from Greenville on Wednesday night
It was around this time that we discovered Sugar Loaf Island Bakery in Morehead
They have the most amazing croissants and cheese Danishes on the planet
Thursday was spent mostly playing around the beach
And hanging out with the baby.
I had dinner with my dad at Amos Mosquitos, again
We went to the beach after sunset for some beach s'mores:

Apparently fires aren't allowed on the beaches... shhh don't tell

Day 7: Shackleford
On our final day we decided to go to Shackleford Banks
I had gone so many times before but NEVER on the ferry.
After finding the wrong ferry and barely missing the first boat
We finally got a spot on one of Island Ferry Adventures' boats.
It was $15 round trip and you got to pick your return time.
Here's the group of us:


To me, Shackleford (also known as Shack)
Is one of the best places to go
The beaches are less crowded
The water is less rough (sound side)

And you get the opportunity to see wild horses
If you don't run up to them they actually let you get pretty close
(this is not zoomed in)

For the first time ever, I saw a baby horse on the island


We ended the night with a farewell dinner at Amos Mosquitos
Saturday morning check out was at 10 AM which was hard.
We stayed around the beach for a couple more hours and headed back.
I have to tell you Monday was rough but well worth it
Can't wait for the next week at the beach!



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