Charleston, SC

Friday, August 21, 2015

A few weekend ago, Robert and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Charleston.
Some of our friends had moved there and we FINALLY took them up on an offer to stay with them.
Another couple joined us and we had the best weekend ever.
There's something great about staying with locals
Because you get to see all sorts of things you might not know about.
Here are a list of my favorite stops of the weekend:

1) Sullivan's Island
A lot of people travel to Charleston and go to Folly's beach when they go to the beach.
Our host's took us to Sullivan's Island instead.
It was way less crowded and close to a lot of great restaurants
(Meaning you could walk from the beach to get food without moving your car)
2) Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ

You can view the website and menu HERE.
I got the brisket quesadilla and Robert got the brisket nachos and we split them
The nachos were amazing BUT
That quesadilla was the best quesadilla I have EVER had.
Blanket statement over all quesadillas!
They also had a drink (formally known as the pain killer)
That was AMAZING.
Highly recommend if you're walking back to the beach for a while.
3) Westbrook Brewing Company
You can view their website HERE
I got a flight that included One Claw and White Tai which I enjoyed.
They are expanding too, if that tells you anything about their beers!
4) Stars
On Saturday night we went to Stars Restaurant and Rooftop Bar
You can take a look at their offerings HERE
I got the Pan-Seared Atlantic Salmon, Yukon Potato Puree, Bordelaise, Broccolini, Caponata
And the specialty cocktail: Southern Belle Bathwater
I did notice that Charleston is bachelorette capitol of the world
There were four bachelorette parties just in our restaurant.
We did take a brief walk up to the rooftop bar
If we were alone it would have been a cute place to drink and talk
But it wasn't very conducive to large groups.
5) Page's Okra Grill
We went to Page's for brunch and it was amazing.
Their website even says "Local Food for Local Folks"
So you know its some good cooking.
Robert got the buttermilk pancakes, I think that had blueberries in them.
I went for something I don't normally get:
Chicken and Waffles.
Were these ordinary chicken and waffles? NO.
They were filled with sausage, roasted corn, cheddar cheese and jalapeños.
It came with honey butter and some delicious fried chicken tenders
They were thin and crispy and perfect.
I got the side of cheese grits (four cheeses: cheddar, American, pepperjack, and swiss).
Needless to say I rolled out of that place.
We had such a great time this is the ONLY picture of the group (from brunch on Sunday).
I wish there was a way for our friends to mail us some brisket quesadillas and chicken and waffles but I guess we will just have to go visit them again!

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