5 months...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We are down to 5 months
And because I have a late lab tomorrow night 
Tonight is also our Valentine's Day celebration.

Every time I go home I am spending most of my conversations
Talking about wedding plans and trying to make decisions
We have decided to try to utilize the barn
Which requires extra cleaning and yardsssssss of burlap and gossamer
and power washing
we've bought lanterns
And spray paint so I can do THIS
We are talking about repurposing some old chandeliers 
One of my flower girls has picked out her dress
and even creatively tied in my dress color with an ivory ribbon
ONE of my bridesmaids has bought a dress
And I think we've settled on shoes

As of now my spring break is going to become meetings and planning
Meetings with the florists
Meetings with hair people?
 I'm having bridal portraits taken on April 14th
A day after my step sister's wedding
Bachelorette party in May
At least one shower in June
And my mother is demanding I have a bridal luncheon
I want Carolina Bagel
(if you're ever in New Bern, NC- go there. Get the open faced chicken salad melt on a cheddar bagel. Seriously the most delicious thing in the entire world- also not EXACTLY on the menu, but they'll make it!)
But she wants it to be at the country club
And she's having a hard time fathoming the fact that it has to be Friday
Or else none of my out of town/ out of state bridesmaids can come. DUH!


A few months ago it seemed so far away
That it might never happen
And now it seems so close I might not get it all done in time
But I can't wait
I hope these 5 months can just fly by
Because even if every thing is not done
Even if my hair is in a ponytail
and my bridesmaids have no dresses
I'm marrying the man of my dreams
My very best friend
and that's all that matters!

Hope everyone has a great pre-Valentine's Day
Don't forget the link up with Northern Belle Diaries tomorrow!

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