Twenty Three

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today is my 23rd birthday!
I have a test and a quiz and a cold 
and a giant pimple and my period (sorry if that's TMI)
Happy Birthday to me?

Every year, starting with my 17th birthday, Robert and I have stayed up
Or at least woken back up at 12am right as it turns my birthday
And I've gotten birthday hugs and kisses
(technically the first time he kissed me... even if it was just on the forehead)
And last night I passed out at 10 
The one birthday we live together and we don't do our ritual

But I woke up this morning
And my cold is almost gone
I can breathe through my nose 
It might not be the best birthday EVER
but I think it's going to be a good day

17 was one of the best years ever
And I have a feeling 23 will be the same way
How can it not? 
I'm getting married!
I'll be halfway through graduate school!
So many great things happening...
So here's to a great year!

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