Meow Monday

Monday, February 11, 2013

So Robert survived his first full week of work
We had dinner two days that week
It was nice

But in true Robbie fashion
(remember I call him Robbie when he does something that doesn't make me happy)
He planned a trip to West Virginia
For his first weekend off work
Instead of snuggling in bed with me all weekend

But instead of being a butt head
I made cupcakes, jalapeño poppers, PB&Js
and packed snacks for him and his friends
(fiancé of the year award?)

Well apparently I must have looked pitiful
Because the "no cats allowed in our apartment" rule
changed into "okay you can go home and bring back one".
Honestly I'm pretty sure he just didn't want me to sit at the apartment all weekend sulking 
so he was pulling out the big guns to make me drive home.
But how could I chose between my babies?
So one cat turned into "two for a week"
Since we were already planning to go home next saturday for the day.

And so Saturday morning
I packed up an extra shirt and drove 2 hours home
And then yesterday I packed up the kittens
and drove 2 hours back to Raleigh.
Mo was a pretty good traveler until about 45 minutes away
So he spent the rest of the trip in my arms.
I only got a few looks...

Then for the moment of truth
Would they like their home for the week?

Prime, being used to hanging out with my brother while he plays Call of Duty
Gravitated towards Robert playing the same game on the couch
It appears the sounds of gunshots calm him
(he also ironically loves Transformers)
This is only strange because Prime doesn't usually get that close to anyone
Except me and my brother of course.

Mo immediately went to the spare bedroom
Which is not shocking considering the bed is against a giant window
He's spent most of his time here so far.

But I found out my cats are extremely annoying at night
Mo made his chirpy meow noise all night
And Optimus Prime just cried and tried to get in my closet.
So I'm really tired
And Robert's probably regretting his decision.

I have a kitten hangover
But its okay
It's worth it to have them around!

Happy Monday!

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