Orlando Adventures

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This past weekend my family and I went to Orlando FL.
It was a milestone of sorts for us
In my suitcase I found the airplane tag from our last trip
The trip right before my dad's first surgery to remove his 20mm tumor.
There was a time we weren't sure this trip would ever happen
But last Friday we boarded the plane to our home away from home.


We began the day at Animal Kingdom
This I recommend because there are only a few things that are "must sees" 
(in my eyes in this particular park)
To my family Expedition Everest is one of those things
And the safari!

I got to see my favorite animal, the giraffe
And a pretty cool shot of this lion!
As many times as I've been I've never seen the lions in such cool poses! 
If you ride the safari the back row all the way to the left usually gets the best views!

After this we headed over to Epcot

Got Chinese for lunch:

Seriously their hot and sour soup is the best in the world (as far as I've tasted)
And the honey chicken is amazing. 
I highly recommend this too!

Afterwards we headed over to "France"
Everything in that bakery is beautiful and tasty!
But we usually get chocolate mousse

France is also home to the MOST delicious drink ever
"Orange Slush"
And its also alcoholic.
A must if you're with your family for daysss

Then we headed back to England to catch a concert from "Herman's Hermits"
A band that was popular in the 60s.
The average age of the crowd was at least 50-60.
But I got a jalapeño cheese filled pretzel

We rode the ball one more time for good measure

And thus concluded Day 1.


We took a break from Disney to head over to Universal - Island of Adventure

And obviously our first stop was Hogwarts - aka Harry Potter World

And obviously we got butter beer.

We ate at the three broomsticks
I got chicken and ribs with potatoes and corn
And of course another butter beer

We headed over to Universal Studios but I didn't get any pictures
I did, however, get a picture of the "caution" cone beside a straw...
Probably would have been easier to pick up the straw than get the cone.
The staff left the cone there until the liquid from the straw evaporated.
Talk about lazyyy

And since it was mother's day my amazing fiance went over to my house
AND sent me videos of my kittens!
Best kitten mother's day ever


Back to Disney!!
We started at Magic Kingdom 

We visited the two new castles in Fantasy Land (left - the beast castle, right- Eric's castle)

There's also a new little mermaid ride!
It was pretty cool!

Gaston has a tavern!

And Rapunzel even has a part of the park now!

Just love the castle.

My family has decided that Epcot has the only great food
So we went back to Epcot, and headed over to "Italy"
For the best pizza in the ENTIRE world.

It's the flower and garden show in Epcot right now
So there's flower and bush sculptures everywhere
Check out Peter Pan on the roof

We finally made it over to Hollywood Studios
Rode Tower of Terror and Star Wars
And saw the Little Mermaid musical
All favorites
But Rockin' Roller Coaster was closed so we never got to ride it :(

But I did get my caramel apple
The others look so cool but I can never bring myself to change it up
Especially not for 10 dollars!!

At this point my dad got tired so he dropped us off at Epcot
We rode the ball again and Test Track.
Test Track has changed a lot since last time I was here.

Then we took a monorail to Magic Kingdom
The lines for rides were so short we got to STAY on Big Thunder Mountain

We rode Peter Pan too and got out just in time to see the show:

We got one last shot from Main Street on our way out 

And got back to the hotel at 12:30 PM!
Staying until the park closes at 11 means getting home super late!


We had time to stop by Universal long enough to get butter beer
Eat lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
and Ride a few of our favorite rides.

And then boarded a plane to home!
Touched down in Charlotte and got a view of my roomie's apartment!

And also saw a lady that looked JUST like my mom
I sent the picture to her and even she was shocked

Finally made it to my kittens at around 10PM.

Until next time Orlando!

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