Gotta Get Down on Friday

Friday, May 03, 2013

It's Fridayyyy Fridayyyy
And boy has it been a week
Or should I say month.

It's officially exam week and my brain has all but surrendered.

Wednesday was actually a good day
Well I think my brain thought it was a good day
Because my lab partner brought me pie.
I am so glad I'm not kidding.

I had my final in my biocatalysis class last night
It wasn't supposed to be cumulative and I'm pretty sure a few questions were.
Such is life.

But I decided that I wouldn't let that bring me down
And we had another meeting of "Team New Bern"

Because Cam was actually in town!!

Beautiful bar quality photos!


I had a blast with all my friends!
Note to self: do this more often!

Only one online exam stands between me and my freedom from this semester!
Come on Summer!

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