2 months...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Today marks two months until I will be Mrs. Barker.
The invitations are addressed
The block of hotels has been reserved
We are days away from the "BACH" parties
as I now refer to our collective bachelor and bachelorette weekend as.
I've gotten most all the gifts that I'm not making.
I'm still pale as a ghost but whats new.

I think the weirdest thing is the stress that I didn't know would be there.
My mom has an opinion on everything
And that is usually that my opinion is wrong.
I thought in the beginning of this she'd be a lot less picky about what SHE wanted.
I actually had to say 
"Well let's just make this easier on your since its your wedding" 
To her. In public.
I'm starting to look like that bride.

And then its like every decision is a Hydra
(A hydra is a mythical creature than when you cut off its head two grow back)
Every decision required 100000 more decisions about that one decision.
Just keep swimming
After all of this my soon to be niece in law (?) told me she hired a planner for the entire wedding and it only cost her $800. Maybe I should have done that.
It's not too late to book for the day of...

But the best thing I've done this whole wedding is book an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. 
Sandal's Whitehouse!
I didn't even think that I would get a honeymoon
And then Robert's dad offered to pay.
We are truly blessed that our families have put so much time, effort, and money to make our wedding the day (and week) of our dreams.

It's hard to believe how much has still has to come together for this wedding to happen
And it's even harder to believe how far we've come in the (almost) year that we've been engaged.
Graduation, new jobs, graduate school, ALL WHILE PLANNING A WEDDING FULL OF DIY
I'm really excited to see what the next two months, and rest of my life will bring.

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