Wednesday's Randoms & Bachelorette Weekend Recap

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm sitting here in my pajamas. and no bra.
I've had breakfast and lunch
And have not found the will power to get dressed
I have a birthday dinner to go to tonight so let's pray I get some motivation.

I'm currently trying to scan the menu to the restaurant I'm getting to cater the bridal luncheon
My scanner has been "warming up" for at least 5 minutes
I literally want to throw my printer/ scanner out the window
But I need it.

Then Optimus Prime has been peeing blood into our sinks and bathtubs
We thought it was a ghost but it turns out my baby kitten is sick.
My dad's taking him to the vet today so let's pray nothing is seriously wrong
I'm already packing just in case I have to rush home.

On a completely different note I added a 6th bridesmaid.
She would have been in the wedding originally
But Robert got weird about numbers not being even
(which I'm not supposed to say)
And then I eventually decided I didn't care what he thought
And he decided at about the same time he wanted his friend to be in the wedding too
Even though we are pretty sure he's going to Ranger school and can't come
So it's going to be uneven anyway
He should start learning just to agree with my ideas from the beginning.

Speaking of bridesmaids I had my bachelorette weekend last weekend

The first night we just took it easy.
Most of the girls didn't know more than one other person there tops
So I wanted it to be a relaxing night instead of "balls to the wall"
(like my fiancé who lost a shirt to vomit the first night. RIP shirt)

We went to Chipotle for dinner
Then made margaritas and watched bridesmaids

Of course there was penis candy and straws... duh

The second day we ate at Flying Biscuit for breakfast
Went to the mall where I was awful
And bought this for my rehearsal dinner dress

sorry I'm not sorry.

Then we laid out by the pool with Mimosas

Dinner was (of course) at the Busy Bee, my favorite restaurant in Raleigh
Probably because of the Queen bee (below left)

I also met another Bachelorette!
Then another lady that had just come from a wedding bought us all a shot!
Afterwards, we headed over the Raleigh Times for drinks
and awkward photo bombing from the people next to us.

And then I tried on the nipple tassels that Jennifer got me as a joke and sent pics to her!

JK that's my knee (see the TV is sideways in the background)

Next weekend we have a wedding and our wedding shower
And someone has already bought my 10 piece caphalon set (eek!)
Can't wait!

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