Throwback Thursday: Fourth Of July!

Friday, July 05, 2013

It's the 4th of July!
Happy Birthday America!
And happy blog link up with The Life Of Bon!

First order of business...
I have terrible organization skills for my photos taken previous to college.
All I found was pictures of fireworks for several years worth of 4th of Julys:

From the Neuse of course.
Then I FINALLY found some with people...

These are my friends y'all... 

And then the ONE picture of me is with an ex boyfriend.
Hard to imagine a time without Robert
Much less post it for the world to see!

This 4th was pretty interesting.
We got pulled over for the lack of having a light on the front of the boat
The court date was on September 11th.
Always creeped me out.

But anyways... this year I did nothing to remedy the lack of people/ 4th shots
I didn't go out on the river 
because we've been more preoccupied with weddings.
So its just a bunch of iPhone quality pictures of fireworks
and one video (thats completely black)
Of the boys shooting off a cannon.
No need to post that.

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