6 months

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Against my cat's wishes
I am writing this post instead of getting them wet food.
Mo is just sitting outside my door crying...

Anyway, a few days, weeks... I don't even remember ago
I made the mistake of saying "theres not much left to do"
I've also made the comment that
"I could gain 5-10 pounds and still fit into my dress"
And this is where I think I jinxed myself.

The theme of this "6 months left" is panic. 
There are a thousand and 1 things to do.
And while we have always been over budget
Now its really really really bad.
Robert's mom has been paying for a lot- mostly the photographer
So "overbudget" really meant some one else was paying something.
And then Robert and I talked about how
I should try to pay for everything else.
We went and looked at the tent pricing for the reception...
Literally every penny left from my budget and then some.

We haven't ordered food.
I'm not sure we've ordered cake
(because I haven't heard anything since we asked her)
No bouquets 
No chairs for the reception
No napkins, utensils, plates...
I've got freaking centerpieces.
And no money means 
no getting my hair or makeup or toes/nails done.

So I've learned that there is still a million things to do...
I just was in la la land obviously blocking them out
Until I've had a crappy first week of grad school
and really need the extra dose of panic.

Then the dress...
I'm going to go ahead and say
It's completely normal to try on your dress 
every time you're alone with it in a room.
Remember how I confessed that I gained weight?
Well well I thought it wasn't that bad. HA.
Dress is snug as a freaking bug.
Oh it still fits but it is not cute.

I immediately made a workout plan for the week
Got Robert to get me Women's Health for my birthday
and starting looking up Bridalicious for my gift from my dad.
I even considered rejoining weight watchers
even though they give way too many points to the things I love

I'm hoping at the 5 month countdown I will be in a much less panicked place. And hopefully a few pounds lighter... and maybe a little more organized.

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