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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One of my resolutions for the year is to write more posts 
that are DIY, cooking, decorating... basically productive
And less about how every now and then I channel my inner grumpy cat

So for my first post of the new year I'm doing a double feature
Two DIY pins that I have completed myself! 

The first is one of my favorites
(we all need more glitter in our lives)
This is the one I found on Pinterest (link above)

This is my before and after (slightly smaller cup)

The only thing I recommend is taping off the part where the inner cup twists onto the outer cup. That way theres not all this glitter in the grooves (and potential for condensation to occur.

I bought the tacky spray (permanent) and the glitter (I got the chunkier glitter) at Michael's 

It literally took five seconds.

Also don't spray your hand on accident and then try to scratch off the glue. I had some skin come off with it... it really is serious about this "permanent" thing. Even on skin...

The second DIY I accomplished was curtains out of table cloths
This is the picture from Pinterest:

And this is my project:

I have terrible lighting in the master in my new apartment so for now this is the best I could get. The table cloth was part of the target holiday collection. I got them on sale for 11 ish a piece. Not bad.

A better view HERE

All in all I am pretty excited about my DIY items!
Hopefully I will have many more to post before the year is over!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. Hi there!!! I'm Hanna, your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop, a day late:) Lovely blog and Happy New Year!!! You can find me anytiem at

    xoxox Hanna

    I TOTALLY need that STarbucks mug. SO CUTE!!!!

  2. I've seen a few other people do the Starbucks mug, too! It always turns out so cute!


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