Friday Confessional

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello all.
This photo pretty much explains my week... which is now OVER!
And we all know what that means:
Friday Confessional time again!
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  • I confess that that post I made about how monday was not my first day of graduate school because my only class that day started the second half of the semester was WRONG! I went to my BIOM meeting on thursday and found out I missed my other class on Monday because apparently I don't get the emails. THANK GOD I only missed the syllabus and the teacher was at the meeting and gave me my paperwork for the class.

  • I confess that I went to class Wednesday for a class that was canceled. Again I was not emailed because I was one of the 2 people who didn't have a conflict so the teacher didn't find it necessary to email us. 

  • I confess that this one girl, who has been seemingly judging me since day 1 is now my bff... well she at least doesn't hate me anymore. I befriended her by talking about cats. YES CATS. HA!

  • I confess that I am freaking out because I looked at tents/tables/chairs/etc for the reception today and if I get everything I am out of money from my budget. And we haven't even placed the order for food or cake yet. Not cool.

  • I confess that I don't mind sitting at home in bed at 9:30 on a Friday night because its Bride Day on TLC. And I'm obsessed.

  • I confess that the highlight of my entire week was walking into my house to find Optimus Prime on my bed asleep. It makes me think he misses me enough to sleep in my room and that makes me way too happy.

  • I confess that thanks to Christmas my fat jeans are getting snug. Damn you delicious food and sedentary lifestyle. Damn you.

The end.

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