My "First" Day of Grad School...

Monday, January 07, 2013

Let me tell you this story
One day, this girl named Kasi started her first day of grad school.

She woke up
Drank coffee out of her new cat mug
and prepared for her day.

She drove to campus to get a new parking pass
And once she was home she worked out.
She showered, and picked out a lovely "first day of school outfit"
That said "I care about what I look like
but I am not going to dress like I'm on a catwalk"
It also said "I like to be comfortable"
without saying "I am a lazy bum in sweats".

She even made a super cute little instagram post

She checked and double checked her class time and location
And left her apartment early to ensure she wasn't late for the first day.
She arrived to campus 25 minutes early.
But she didn't care.
She loves to get her pick of seats.

She walked into the classroom
and waited
and waited
and waited

30 minutes after class was supposed to start and NO PROFESSOR.
She started to get annoyed
What kind of a professor misses the first day of grad school?

Finally a boy offered to go find the professor
And returned to tell us there was no class.
The group of students, still confused also went to talk to the professor
only to find out that the class was the second half of the semester
And indeed she drove all the way there
And wasted the perfect "first day, I don't care, but I do" outfit
On 25 minutes in a hallway
30 minutes in a mostly empty classroom
And a round trip drive from her apartment.

Not cool.
Freshman rookie mistake.
My bad ya'll.

This is definitely the story of my life.
Stay tuned for more mishaps 
Because there will be more.
Mark my words.

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