Pit and Peak

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting used to my grad school night classes,
and having Robert around 24/7 has really thrown me off of blogging
and I was hoping for a really good link up
But its sunday...
Luckily I found one that I really like
Because I've done this tradition with my (future) cousins from Reno
For quite a few years now and I love it.

Rules are simple:
Follow your hosts Tales of a Twenty Something
Post your Pit (low) and Peak (high) of the week.
and link up!


I guess I will do pit first so I can end on a good note. My pit of the week was not working out nearly as much as I wanted to (not at all). I had gotten really motivated, my dieting was actually paying off, and I was just super lazy. I blame Robert because when he's around I just want to lay on the couch with him and watch HGTV and movies on netflix. 


My peak was definitely seeing my old roomie Jennifer on Saturday. We met at one of my favorite restaurants The Busy Bee. I got my favorite drink (or two): The Queen Bee. She brought me a new candle from Bath and Body works for late Christmas: Marshmallow Fireside (currently burning in my house as we speak). And we got to bond and catch up and talk about my Bachelorette party plans all of which are awesome. Sometimes when you're so caught up in life you forget how much your girlfriends really mean to you and how awesome it is not to have to talk to a boy about stuff they don't care about - weddings, shopping, and boys. 

Here's to hoping I get better about blogging more often
And blogging better.

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  1. Just remember: tomorrow is another day and you can always do better than you did yesterday! Yay for time with your old roomie! Looks like y'all had a great time!

    Thanks for linking up!



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