Friday Confessional

Friday, April 05, 2013

Well I haven't made a post in weeks
and so it seems to be the perfect come back post
to do a friday confessional! 
And if you'd like to join in on the fun then head over to
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I confess that the people on my facebook make me look more like a crazy cat lady than I actually am. My dad posts cat stuff on my wall almost daily and now my friends have started. Maybe they should all confess that they have a problem too...

I confess that I can't remember the last saturday that Robert and I have spent together. "Whats the big deal, you live together?" But because of our hectic opposite schedules its a good day if we actually occupy the same room (awake) for more than an hour or so a day. Which brings me to my next confession...

I confess I feel like the worst friend in the world. My BFF and MOH is trying on wedding dresses this weekend and I had to tell her I couldn't go because between being home and the weekend before last where I completely ditched Robert to hang out with her I haven't hung out with Robert in a billion years. Do I win the worst person in the world award?

I confess with my awkward night schedules and tons of homework I've had going on this week I haven't put a bra on before lunch in a week. And usually not after that either. I was almost late to class at 1 because I couldn't get ready in time. Sad.

I confess that for the first time in our 6 year history I kind of had a small disagreement with Roberts mom. Most wouldn't even consider it an issue. Some probably wouldn't have noticed that it even happened. But we don't disagree. We have similar tastes. We are both careful to make sure the other one is happy. Totes not normal daughter in law- mother in law relationship. Basically I wanted to hang the curtains for the wedding one way and she thought they would look better another (Once the wedding takes place you will see what I mean). But every time I tried to say I didn't really like her way she would just say that I need to see it large scale. No I don't. I don't like it. See- not a real disagreement. Anyways at least for me I've felt super awkward ever sense. Ugh.

I confess that I haven't been as productive as I should have been because I also rediscovered One Tree Hill on Netflix. I quit watching OTH after Peyton and Lucas left because I thought I couldn't love it the same. But I do. Netflix will probably ruin me!

I confess that I send my bridesmaids updates when their dresses go on sale. And I did like a billion times. And most of them didn't listen. Until almost all the sizes and dresses got backordered. Seriously? Kind of don't feel bad if they don't get the style they want at this point. They've had almost a year to buy it and ignored my messages. Sorry I'm Not Sorry. (okay let's reel bridezilla back in now).

I confess I have a final, problem session, presentation on a book (I haven't read), and a quiz next week and I'm on here instead. Yikes. That's no way to get ahead! So with that I end my confessional!

Hopefully I'll post again before another week or two goes by!

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