1 week...

Saturday, July 06, 2013

I'm just going to go ahead and call it
This is the last countdown post EVER for my wedding.
I can almost promise that the day before we will be too busy to post a 1 day...

Theres honestly not much left to do.
I'm finishing up some of my "chalkboard" signs.
You know we could never find plain white chalk anywhere
So we used this machine that cuts out letters instead.

I have to re do part of my bouquet.
Literally an hours worth of work max.
And then most of everything else is something some one else is doing
(setting up the tent, cooking the food)
Or something I can't do until the day of.

It feels like this has been such a long journey on one hand
But on the other, the last ~13 months has flown by.
I'm not nervous at all.
I knew a very long time ago I had found a good match for me
Some one who was willing to work on things and try
And some one who (when they aren't too mad)
Has the ability to calm me down from any situation.
He's my very best friend.
The kind of person I'd be glad if I had a son just like him.
The kind of person who "isn't a cat person"
And loves my cats as if they were his own dog.
(He didn't have to try too hard).

Now my toughest decision is
To wear my lace dress for the rehearsal dinner
and wear my Lilly to the bridal luncheon
To wear Lilly to the rehearsal dinner
And the white dress to the bridal luncheon.
Whatever shall I do?

Until next time
(probably the time when I'm married)

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